How to Download Videos with Chrome Developer Tools?

September 6, 2023
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In an age dominated by digital media, videos have evolved into a powerful form of communication and entertainment. While streaming platforms offer on-demand access, there are situations where downloading videos becomes essential. In this article, we’ll delve into the method of downloading videos using Chrome Developer Tools, exploring its advantages and drawbacks. By mastering this technique, you can gain the ability to save and enjoy videos offline, anytime and anywhere.

How to Download Videos with Chrome Developer Tools

1. How to Download Videos with Chrome Developer Tools?

Chrome Developer Tools is an ensemble of web development and debugging tools seamlessly integrated into the Google Chrome browser. Although its primary function is to aid developers, it can also be utilized to download videos from websites.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and navigate to the webpage containing the video you intend to download. Right-click on any part of the webpage and choose “Inspect” or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + Option + I (Mac) to open Chrome Developer Tools.

developer tool inspect

Step 2: Click the “Toggle Device Toolbar” icon at the top-left corner of Developer Tools, or use Ctrl + Shift + M to simulate a mobile view, which can sometimes simplify locating video elements.

simulate a mobile view

Step 3: Play the video, and then click the “Network” option to find the request URL of this video.

use developer tool to find video url

Step 4: Copy the video URL and open it in a new browser tab. Play the video, then right-click on the video and select “Save video as…” to specify the download location on your computer.

download video with developer tool

2. Pros vs Cons of using Chrome Developer Tools to download videos


  • No Third-Party Software: Chrome Developer Tools are built-in, eliminating the need for additional software installation.
  • Quick Access: The method is swift, especially for users familiar with browser-based tools.
  • Minimal Learning Curve: Basic familiarity with web browsers and right-clicking is sufficient to get started.
  • Immediate Downloads: Videos are saved to your device in a matter of seconds.


  • Complexity for Novices: For users new to web development tools, the interface might appear intimidating.
  • Inconsistent Results: This method may not work universally for all websites or video sources due to site-specific configurations.
  • Limited Control: Video quality and format options may be limited compared to dedicated download software.

3. Download Videos with VidJuice UniTube

Using Chrome Developer Tools for video downloads offers both advantages and limitations. Its simplicity and quick accessibility make it appealing, especially for users seeking a straightforward solution without the need for extra software. However, if you prefer to download videos in high quality and in a more quick, safe, and convenient way, then VidJuice UniTube must be a good option for you. Before using VidJuice UniTube, let’s dive into its’ powerful features for downloading videos:

  • A reliable brand reputation that is rated by more than one million users;
  • Download videos and audios from over 10,000 popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Vimeo;
  • Download live streaming videos in real-time;
  • Support for quick downloading of videos in HD, 4K, and 8K resolutions;
  • Allow to download premium or paid videos using its built-in web browser;
  • Support for multiple video, playlist, and channel downloads at a single click;
  • Covert video and audio to different formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, etc.
VidJuice UniTube video downloader

Now let’s explore how to use VidJuice UniTube to download videos:

Download a video with URL

Simply locate the video you want to download, copy its URL, open the VidJuice UniTube downloader, click “Paste URL,” and UniTube will begin downloading it immediately.

download video with VidJuice UniTube

Batch download multiple videos

VidJuice UniTube allows you to download numerous videos at the same time. After clicking “Multiple URLs,” you can paste all of the video URLs, and UniTube will assist you in downloading all of the selected videos.

download multiple videos with VidJuice UniTube

Download a whole channel or playlist

VidJuice UniTube allows you to download an entire list, as well as select several videos to download in a playlist. After clicking “Playlist,” simply paste a channel or playlist url, and UniTube will download all the videos for you.

download channel and playlist with VidJuice UniTube

Download live videos in real time

Downloading real-time livestreaming videos is possible with VidJuice UniTube. You can download livestream videos from prominent websites such as Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Bigo Live, and others.

download live stream videos with VidJuice UniTube

4. Conclusion

Mastering video downloads using Chrome Developer Tools and VidJuice UniTube equips you with versatile techniques to capture your favorite videos. Chrome Developer Tools offers a browser-based approach that’s particularly useful when you want to quickly download videos without installing additional software. If you prefer to download videos with more options and settings, VidJuice UniTube provides a comprehensive software solution for downloading and converting videos from over 10,000 platforms with just one click, suggest downloading UniTube and giving it a try.

With more than 10 years’ experience, VidJuice aims to be your best partner for the easy and seamless download of videos and audios.

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